Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sitting on the beach, enjoying new company, pondering life's wonders.  The travels of the sun.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Forest floor

Laying on the forest floor, gazing into the treetops... everything feels at peace. The gentle rush of the creek near by, and the songs of birds in the distance.  This is my happy place.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Uh oh... Arroyo Seca

Sooo, aside from all the warnings about not dropping my phone in the ocean like last time...  I did good with staying away from oceans, but rivers are another story.  Carrying my phone in a "Waterproof" pocket didn't work out so well, and now it is dead!  Ironic?

Aside from that, Arroyo Seca is an amazing place! hiking 14 miles up a river, having to swim through 20ft to 1/4 mile pools of water.  The ground was scattered with craw fish, and had some sweet pictures on my phone that now no one will see haha.  We spent 9 hours getting up and down the river, with plenty of trials and tribulations but overall a great experience.  Going to be sore tomorrow!

Into the light!

Heading into the light leaving Santa Barbara after some beer and tacos with my old friend Tyler!

The wobble I thought I had fixed in the front right of the car is creeping back...  sounds like it was the wheel bearing afterall!  Hopefully it holds till Washington and get her fixed up there.

Ended up in monterey and getting some rest for a hike tomorrow :)

Ps, I'm new to this blog update stuff, so might sound like crap, deal with it :D.